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Information technologies
Automated control systems
Security systems
Radio communication


The basic types of activity of “Agat-system" are:
1. Performance of research and development work on creating automated informating-controlling systems.
2. Performance of developmental work on designing and introducing automated systems of technological process management and control.
3. Design of integrated security systems, including intrusion and fire alarm, access management and control, closed-circuit television systems. Performance of security systems installation work at security units.
4. Development and batch production of security equipment.
5. Design and development of radio communication systems.
6. Development of general-purpose and special software.
The development and implementation of the following projects on a turnkey basis serve as an acknowledgment of the qualification of the enterprise, its authority, long and fruitful period of active work: 
1. Access management and control system of the National Library of Belarus.
2. Automated control system of the hotel at the junction of Lenin street and Internatsionalnaya street in Minsk.
3. Electronic system of lottery production realization.
4. Automated dactyloscopic information system covering all management levels of Administrative Department — Ministry of Internal Affairs;
5. Uniform system of program-technical complexes of issuing driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates of Ministry of Internal Affairs.
6. Automated information system “Passport” of Ministry of Internal Affairs.
7. Automated intrusion alarm system “Alesya” covering all levels of Guard Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs.
8. Information system “Republic” in the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.
9. A complex of technical means for technological process management of Mogilyov thermal-electric power station.
10.Payphones “Agat-07” and “Agat-071” for Ministry of Communications.
11.Automated system of payphones remote control and management, connecting more than 10 thousand payphones in a uniform network throughout Belarus.
12. Automated tolling and traffic flow management systems on М1 highway.
13. Hardware-software television and broadcasting parameters control complex.