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Automated control systems

At present the role of automated control systems in reducing the cost of product has increased, which naturally leads to an increase in competitiveness of the product, in the level of production safety and ecological balance preservation.
One of the main advantages of automated control systems is reduction (or even complete elimination) in the influence of the so-called human factor on controlled process, minimization of raw material consumption, improvement of product quality and, finally, essential increase in production efficiency. The basic functions carried out by similar systems include control and management, data exchange, information processing, accumulation and storage, generation of alarm signals, building graphs and accounts.
The list of projects:
Automated control system of hotel Europa
The automated control system of the hotel at the junction of Lenina and Internatsionalnaya streets in Minsk (hereafter referred to as automated control system Gostinitsa) is a system based on modern information technologies for 5-star hotels. The automated control system Gostinitsa realizes the following functions:
  • hotel management (reception and accommodation of visitors, registration of passports, charging payment on visitors departure, catering staff management, room condition management etc.);
  • restaurant and club service, supporting discount cards, bonus marketing programs, clearing settlement against a credit or via prepaid plastic cards;
  • room reservation and control of hotels availability within the hotel network;
  • selling goods and service rendering;
  • reliable protection of the visitors and personnels life and health, commodity, material and information resources on the territory of the hotel from various kinds of external and internal threats;
  • providing visitors with modern information services and communication facilities (telephone service, interactive TV, Internet);
  • provision of clients comfortable residing.
The automated control system Gostinitsa provides:
  • management of all systems within the building from the central control office;
  • opportunity to operate several remote objects from the same center;
  • reception of operational information on the conditions and functional parameters of the engineering system equipment;
  • increased safety level due to the integrated security system and prompt reaction to extraordinary situations;
  • increased comfort of rooms due to automatic control of illumination and microclimate;
  • reduction of power source expenses through cutting the time of idle and unproductive work of equipment;
  • documenting and registering technological processes of engineering systems and actions of dispatching services;
  • objective analysis of the work of equipment, actions of the personnel in extraordinary situations through automatic documentation of the decisions taken;
  • automated account of the engineering equipment operational resources;
  • maintenance of prompt interaction of operational services, planning preventive and repair work;
  • automated commercial and technical account of power resources;
  • increase in service life of the equipment through optimal control;
  • opportunity to carry out repair and procedural works at short notice, to replace and modernize the equipment.
Tolling Control System.
In 1999 and 2002 the employees Agat-system developed and introduced toll plazas Kolosovo and Krupki, applying modern achievements in road construction technologies and global practice of toll collection. All plazas are incorporated into a network which allows to carry out effective control of tolling. The information on the origin of vehicles and tolling rates is stored in computer system, lanes are continuously monitored by cameras, which allows to supervise the accuracy of charged fees. The tolling system allows to charge payment in various kinds of currency, with the help of plastic electronic cards, cashless settlements for foreign users, including plastic cards Evroshell, UTA, DKV, Routex, Aris etc.
At the moment the tolling control system is being applied on the toll road Brest — Minsk — Western Border with Russia (1).
The tolling control system is intended for:
  • maintenance of toll collection and traffic control;
  • automated payment in cash and through cashless settlement;
  • monitoring raised funds;
  • automated collection of statistical data;
  • control over officials activity, etc.
Apart from this, the system provides a number of additional opportunities:
  • video-monitoring of each lane with a picture taken automatically on a vehicle entering a lane;
  • automatic license plate recognition;
  • introduction of free-flow contactless payment system, which essentially raises the throughput of the lanes.
Electronic system of lottery production realization
Electronic system of lottery production realization is intended for automating the management processes connected with lotteries.
Electronic system of lottery production realization provides automation of the following processes:
  • choice of game, input of ticket numbers and data for a game of pool;
  • conducting games and formulating the results of the draw;
  • opportunity to check the results of the draw.
The electronic system of lottery production realization consists of:
  • information processing center, including:
  • database server;
  • applications server;
  • automated workplaces (Directors automated workplace, Managers automated workplace, Operators automated workplace);
  • serviceability monitor;
  • keys generation station.
  • electronic game terminals;
  • network interfaces and means of communication organization.
Automated complexes for the sessions of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus
Automated complexes for the sessions of the National Assembly are implemented in the House of Representatives and in the boardroom of the Council of the Republic.
The structure of complexes is identical, the quantity of serviced workplaces in the House of Representatives — 299, in the Council of the Republic — 78.
Automated workplaces provide comfortable working conditions for the deputies of the House of Representatives and members of the Council of the Republic and give the following opportunities:
  • remote registration;
  • registering for making a statement without personal application to the presidium;
  • calling a messenger;
  • all kinds of voting on agenda items;
  • making a statement from place.
PCs making part of the automated complexes are incorporated into a local network and provide management of all subsystems of the complex:
  • management of the system of displaying information on shared screens and monitors in the presidium;
  • management of individual microphones in the boardroom according to the sequence of statements made;
  • informational and accounting documentation on questions discussed;
  • audio — and videorecording of the course of sessions;
  • audiobroadcasting of the sessions of the House of Representatives and the Council of the Republic;
  • materials for preparing shorthand reports of the sessions;
  • holding press conferences.