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Radio communication

Nowadays radio communication is one of the key elements of the work of ministries, departments and the organizations of various patterns of ownership. Uninterrupted and qualitative communication is a prerequisite operating condition for an array of branches of national economy.
The basic purpose of the enterprise is satisfying the needs of domestic ministries, departments and organizations with radio communication systems which comply with the world level of technological development. To achieve this goal Agat-system consistently conducts work in a number of strategic directions:
carries out research and development work in the field of designing and manufacturing competitive radio communication systems;
conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of communication science, detection, signal processing and allocation, construction of complex communication systems;
develops the required software;
designs radio communication complexes and systems of various special and common application ranges;
develops military radio communication systems for the tactical control link.
Among the projects in this area are:
Agat-system together with the Republican Production Unitary Enterprise Lyos is developing a digital radio communication trunking means complex, complying with the standard APCO 25, under a code name Tsifra-M.
According to the concept of creating and developing radio communication means in the Republic of Belarus in 2005-2010, it is planned to introduce a modern digital trunking system in 2008-2010 to satisfy the existing needs for departmental communication. Thus, in 2008 it is planned to deploy an APCO 25 trunking network in an experimental zone within the city of Minsk. 
The developed products include:
  • portable, automobile and fixed radio stations;
  • cipher key devices;
  • automated workplace of the cipher key generation centre;
  • automated workplace of the main key storage block management (the main key storage block carries out functions similar to a mobile phone SIM-card);
  • radio station PC management and programming software;
  • concealment sets;
  • securely placed control panels;
  • off-carriage control panels;
  • remote control devices;
  • general purpose telephone system interface;
  • battery charging devices within radio stations;
  • aerials;  
Digital radio stations within the communication means complex Tsifra-M perform the following functions:
  • analog communication mode for compatibility with the old stock of radio stations, supporting PL-tones;
  • individual, group or conference call;
  • jam-free speech messages digital transfer;
  • cryptographic protection of transmitted information, based on algorithms DES and 28147 standard;
  • data transfer and reception via USB and RS-232 interfaces;
  • radio stations management and programming via USB interface;
  • APCO 25 standard radio-interface;
  • service signal information transfer and display (identifiers of source, addressee and group of subscribers number etc.);