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Information technologies
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Information technologies

Agat-system offers a full list of services on developing and introducing software for branch-specific automated information systems on the basis of modern information technologies and communication means of informational exchange. Development of information systems for special purposes covers all stages of creating automated systems, from planning technical projects to supporting special software.
The main trends of the enterprises activity in the field of information technologies are:
  • development of information systems, including substantiation of hardware type and configuration choice;
  • development and supply of software: substantiation of the most economically efficient decision, designing, developing, delivering and documenting software;  
  • data processing system development: development of databases, maintenance of data collection from one or numerous sources, provision of access to the data, granting data to the user in the required form.
The basic developments in this area are:
Reserve center of the National Library of the Republic of Belarus.
  • creation of reserve information storehouse firmware complex and corresponding server equipment pool for the National Library;
  • carrying out network monitoring of the main building infrastructure of the National Library;
  • carrying out functional control of the computing and network equipment in the main building of the library through checking the operation and organization of interaction between software and technical means of information-technological support of the National Library and the reserve center.
The reserve center provides operation and organization of interaction between the following systems:
  • Automated library system providing complex automation of library processes: funds acquisition; cataloguing; analytic-bibliographic activity; users services; fund organization and storage; interlibrary subscription and international interlibrary subscription, reference-bibliographic information; databank of authoritative / normative records formation and maintenance; databank of museum pieces formation and maintenance; support of normative-reference information; statistical and other reports formation; data convertion; administration of the automated library activity control system;
  • corporate information portal (Internet — portal);
  • automated library activity control system, which provides complex automation of the processes of planning and library activity account, conducting book keeping, drawing contracts and rendering paid services, personnel management, document circulation;
  • publishing activity providing preparation and issuing of various types of printed and electronic production;
  • creation of electronic copies of documents, providing electronic processing of card catalogues (retro-conversion of card catalogues); electronic processing of printed documents, manuscripts, blackletter and rare books, vinyl discs, audiocassettes, videocassettes, microfiche and microfilms;
  • protection against unauthorized use of documents;
  • administrations and managements of local computer network.
  • complex performance of work on retro-conversion of card catalogues of the National Library.
Reserve center of the National Library includes:
  • server and workstations equipment;
  • network equipment;
  • software.
National automated system of documenting and registration of the population Passport. 
  • In 1993-1996 an automated system of collecting data and forming a database of machine-readable passports of the citizens of Belarus (automated system Passport) was created.
  • In 1996 an automated system of address inquiry service was created.
  • In 1999-2000 an automated system of issuing residence permits and travel passes to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship permanently living in Belarus was created.
  • In 2002-2004 development and implementation of the system Passport took place.
The system Passport of Ministry of Internal Affairs consists of:
  • automated system of passport databank maintenance and issuing of machine-readable passports to the citizens of Belarus
  • automated system of issuing residence permits and travel passes to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship permanently living in Belarus
  • automated system of address inquiry assistance
  • automated system of service activity control over passport and visa departments of Ministry of Internal Affairs 
The aims of creating the system:
  • issuing documents complying with the standard ICAO;
  • checking the authorization of document reception;
  • preventing reception of a second passport by one person;
  • preventing the use of lost and stolen documents;
  • carrying out search in databases;
  • storage of photographic images (a photo from the passport, fingersprints, etc.);
  • increasing clear-up rate and prevention of crimes. 
The functions performed by the system
  • data input from application forms. Input of photos, personal signature and fingerprints with subsequent processing and coding;
  • automatic creation of personal code on primary passport reception;
  • printing machine-readable documents complying with the standard ICAO;
  • printing and quality control of the issued documents;
  • conducting account of empty forms;
  • conducting account of the issued, defective or faulty documents, as well as account of the void, withdrawn, lost and stolen documents and forms.
Uniform system of program-technical complexes of issuing driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates.
Development and introduction of the complex uniform system of issuing driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates is one of stages of realizing the concept of supplying militias operative-search services of Ministry of Internal Affairs with information.
The purposes of creating the uniform system of program-technical complexes of issuing driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates
  • creation of a uniform database of driving licenses, videoimages and registered transport;
  • raising effectiveness of anti-criminal measures and of clear-up rate of crimes;
  • international cooperation on information interchange;
  • prompt provision of information on inquiries of external and internal users;
  • reception of analytical data on various levels of information;
  • improvement of internal and external safety on the basis of modernizing the operating automated systems which perform similar functions;
  • automation of issuing and increasing the efficiency of monitoring driving licenses, warning coupons, technical passports;
  • creation and maintenance of a database on the issued driving licenses, warning coupons, videoimages and installation data on drivers and persons applying for driving licenses, registered vehicles, issued registration documents, vehicle owners.
The components of the uniform system of program-technical complexes of issuing driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates
The automated control system GAI-Tsentr comprises a uniform republican data storage, including information on:
  • driving licenses;
  • vehicle registration certificates;
  • vehicle checkups;
  • account of road accident;
  • administrative practice;
  • wanted people search, lost and stolen documents.
Television signal parameters control complex
It is designed for carrying out precision digital measurements and continuous monitoring of key television signal parameters and their transmission channel quality indicators, based on test lines signals which are input into blanking frame impulse range, on periodic measuring signal and on teletext digital data. Measuring information and results of access control are displayed on the screen of a computer, which is part of the information-measuring systems of radio and television broadcasting stations, main displaying channels of radio-relay and satellite broadcasting systems and cable television systems.